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Complementary Therapist

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Metamorphic Technique enables us “to move forward from feelings of limitation towards accessing our potential”, basically helping us to help ourselves. It consists of very light touch on the feet, hands and head, and is safe for anyone to receive.

It was developed by a reflexologist who discovered that working on certain parts of the spinal reflexes on the body, enabled the client to make deep inner changes.

Metamorphic Technique works to release blocked energy in the cells and permanently releases negative patterns in the mind, body and spirit.

People are often drawn to this technique in times of difficulty such as illness, moving house, or career change and are able to cope better in these periods of transition.



“My experience of Metamorphic Technique has been very positive. It helped me feel motivated during significant times of change like moving house and finding a job. It has shifted behaviour patterns and helped me overcome blocks in my life. I would recommend this technique to anyone who feels stuck and wants to transform…. It really does work.”

“After the first session I felt a lot more balanced and focused, also a lot calmer. Physically I felt lighter and it wasn’t until the following week I realised that I had no PMT symptoms at all. Even my usual facial spots had failed to appear. My circulation seems to have improved as well, especially in my feet, which I suffer from from very cold feet in the winter.” Andrea Black

“Thankyou so much for the treatment. I came to you very tired today and thought I would feel better, I have had such a great reaction. My thoughts have been jumping into line from chaotic ideas into some order. So many thoughts or ideas that I keep having but havent seemed to work before are starting to connect with each other. This is very exciting. Thanks” Ali Ward

“ I visited Sara De Groot for a session of metamorphic technique in November 2012. It was a very relaxing experience and very calming environment. I wasn’t sure about what to expect or what the outcomes would be but I had gone with an open mind and no fixed expectations. Sara clearly explained what she would be doing and I relaxed into the session quickly.During the treatment, I could feel gentle surges of energy in my legs now and then. It was a bit like wanting to give my legs a shake or tense and relax my legs. Nothing much changed that day, except that I felt nice and calm, similar to after a bit of reiki. However, the next day I felt the need to release with a big, long cry. Lots of things that I felt were in need of attention in my life at the time suddenly burst to the surface and I felt ready to take proactive action. Creative energies that had been blocked for a long time (years) suddenly began to resurface and I felt inspired to write again and had a definite plan in my mind. This is from just one session and a day later. Since then, and I am writing a few weeks on, I have made some real adjustments in my life and the creative ideas are taking more shape. It is possible that I might have made these changes and taken these actions anyway but I believe that the session helped me to do this. I don’t fully understand how, but I am so glad that I experienced this. Wow, and thank you :o )” Kiran Shah



"Transform yourself from who you are to what you can be"

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