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Complementary Therapist

• £30 (30 minutes plus FREE foot massage)
• SPECIAL OFFER (30 % Discount for first session)
• £100 (Course of 5 Sessions)

No sweat
No exercise
No special diet
No funny drinks…

Toxins build up in the body from many sources, such as pesticides in foods, pollution, stress, chemicals in beauty and household products, sugar, tobacco and alcohol.

This hinders the function of the organs, which naturally help to detoxify the body. This therefore reduces the body’s ability to expel toxins and can lead to illness, sluggishness and lack of energy.

Just relax with your feet in warm water for 30 minutes. The machine emits a small amount of electricity into the water, which mixed with salt, energises the organs and enables the body to self detoxify through the pores in the soles of the feet. This creates “ionisation” which helps to re-balance the positive and negative cells.
The re-introduction of balanced cellular energy allows the body to increase its oxygen supply to all the organs of the body and kick-start any processes that the body may not be performing effectively. Ionisation therefore improves health, enhances well-being and restores natural harmony.

Throughout, and between 1-2 days after the treatment, as the body re-adjusts, toxins continue to be released from each cell.
It is even suitable for children and babies. The only people advised against using Aqua Detox are pregnant women and people with epilepsy or pacemakers.

It is recommended for full benefit that you have at least 6 sessions at least once a week initially.



“I now feel full of energy. My skin is great and I feel my mind is a lot more active.” Sarah Webster

“My sinuses started to feel clearer and I my frequent headaches have disappeared!”

"Transform yourself from who you are to what you can be"

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