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Complementary Therapist

• £35 (1 hour plus consultation)
• £15 (Back and shoulders 25 minutes)
• £15 (Face, head and neck 25 minutes)

Holistic massage is a very relaxing and soothing massage on the back, legs, feet, arms, hands and stomach. Various movements are used to relax or stimulate the nerves, muscles, lymphatic system.

Depending on whether you want stress relief, to ease muscle tension, or just pure relaxation. You can choose an hour of massage or 25 minutes on the back to help to soothe those common areas of tension such as shoulders and lower part of the back.

Holistic massage is not just about considering the physical symptoms, it’s about looking at the client as a whole and considering how the mind, body and emotions are linked, therefore how to address the issues Massage has been a major part of medicine for at least 5000 years. It was initially administered by physicians and was the first and most important of the medical arts.
Massage systems were practiced in 3000bc, the techniques spread to Japan, Ancient Greeks and to the Romans. The treatment was used for pain relief and healing.

In India the family tradition of massage dates back to the beginning of Hinduism and in the early 1800s Swedish massage was developed.


“Every time I have a massage by Sara I feel completely relaxed. The music is really calming and makes me feel like I am on an exotic island :o )” Helen Collins

“My back feels a lot looser today thanks to you” Kelly

“Back pain free today! Thank you. I have a feeling you may have something to do with that xx” Maria Smith

“This time last night and this morning I was in so much pain I could hardly move without hurting one way or another, so whatever you did, I am feeling much better.  Now I can move about and get on with things again. It was a real joy to see you today, you made me feel so welcome, relaxed and at ease. I love your work area and the music which was so calming as well as your warm healing hands.I did feel your ‘heat’ around my neck at one point and whatever it was that you did, ‘I just feel so happy again to be near free of my pains’, I really must see you again. “In my experience, Sara de Groot took away my pain and did for me in 30 minutes what so many tablets after many weeks didn’t, Highly Recommended Indeed”.  ” Barrie Fisherwood ( back and neck pain after a car accident)


"Transform yourself from who you are to what you can be"

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